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FileManager @kubb/core

The FileManager instance contains the building blocks in writing files, combining excludes or includes, creating barrel files.


What has been written is managed by the PluginManager. The FileManager has no idea what has been processed and what not.


An array of files has been added to the FileManager instance.

  • Type: Array<KubbFile.File>


Check if the instance is writing a file or if we have items in the queue.

  • Type: boolean


Add a file to the instance, if no id is added it will create an ID based on crypto.randomUUID().

When creating a new instance you can set a task and that will be used in the queue as the executer.

Here we will also check if the file already exists and if so we will append(combining the import, exports and source). You can disable this behavior by setting override on the file object(KubbFile.File).


name will be added, this is based on the baseName but without the extension.

  • Type: (...files: Array<KubbFile.File>): Promise<Array<KubbFile.File>>


Add index.ts files, we use BarrelManager to create all the index files needed for the folder tree(based on the output). The BarrelManager will go through your folder structure(based on the output) and create an index file for every folder.


By setting the output.exportType to false you can disable the creation of barrel files.

  • Type: (AddIndexesProps): Promise<Array<KubbFile.File> | undefined>)


Write a file with a check on the queue to be sure no other files are being written. You can set a timeout between writing files with timeout when creating the instance.

  • Type: (...params: Parameters<typeof Read>): Promise<string>

Read a file.

  • Type: (...params: Parameters<typeof write>): Promise<string | undefined>

Released under the MIT License.